Building IndentByFold

To compile IndentByFold you can use Visual Studio. Project files for VS2019 are provided and actively used. Visual Studio Community Edition is enough to get the job done.

There is also a MinGW-w64 makefile, using both their 32-bit and 64-bit compilers. It can be used from Cygwin, MSYS2 and on Linux (including WSL).

Know that the MinGW version of the DLL can’t be loaded in Notepad++. For some reason Notepad++ says the DLL is not compatible.

Building the documentation

The documentation of IndentByFold is written in reStructuredText and hosted on Read The Docs.

To build you need Python Sphinx and the Sphinx RTD Theme.

You can build it with native Python Sphinx on Windows, WSL or Cygwin.

Use make html in the docs directory to generate the documentation. Other forms of output are not used, but might work.

You can also build it is use the included Dockerfile.

Run docker build -t python-sphinx . to build the image and use docker run --rm -ti -v "%CD%":/docs python-sphinx make html to build the docs.